"I had never had any coaching when I first met Lara. She was immediately warm and encouraging, but at the same time asked all the right questions, no matter how tough. Within a few sessions she had enabled me to completely flip my perspective on life. Where I had felt trapped and lacking in confidence, now I truly feel that the future is wide open for me. I have much more confidence both professionally and personally and I'm excited to embark on my next chapter. I would recommend her highly to anyone, whatever the challenge."

Joanna - Writer

"I've worked with Lara for 2 issues that kept coming up in my life and were causing me problems that kept presenting itself and this was increasing my anxiety levels. 

The first point to make is how relaxed and at ease I was with Lara. 

The second point was how intently she listened to me, understood what I was saying and was non-judgemental. 

My final point is how Lara got me to come up with the solution by expertly guiding me through the process. 

Amazingly my issues have now been resolved and are not causing me any more issues and anxiety. Thank you Lara"

Jason - Charity Sector

"I can't thank you enough for your support over the last few months. I feel like at 36 for the first time in my life I'm getting clear on who I really am and am not and the changes that will help me. You've been absolutely amazing and I honestly can't thank you enough". 

Zoe - PR & Marketing

When I first met Lara I was trying to work out how to re-enter the world of work after having my children and relocating to another country.  Lara's coaching helped me stand back and focus my energy where it’s needed. She helped me find a better balance between family,  work and personal time, giving me confidence to re-prioritise responsibilities in a way that works for myself, and our family. 

Her kind patient manner, combined with a good dose of encouragement has also helped me  have the confidence to start my own business venture.  If you’re lacking clarity or confidence and need some support to help you find your direction or grow your business, Lara is the woman to guide you on your way!

Harry - Music and Brands

When I first met Lara I was struggling to balance home with work life and felt exhausted from a lifetime of battling with confidence issues. Lara is an amazing listener. She helped me figure out answers to questions about who I am and what I really want from life. By doing so, she has directly impacted my relationship with my business partner, big decisions when it comes to the future direction of the company and my ability to not let work effect my personal life. I would be lying if I said I have no problems anymore, but having met Lara I know it’s really about how you choose to deal with them

Josh - Media Agency Owner

"I truly did not expect to be able to go as deep into my development/growth as we did and learnt more about myself and the barriers that are keeping me from real change than I could have anticipated as well. I have come away feeling more positive and clear, and for that I cannot thank you enough"

Kristen - Charity Sector

"You have taught me so much about myself and I will be forever grateful"

Emma - Fashion Industry

Lara was incredible at helping put my current work situation into perspective. She was very detailed and had a wonderful understanding of how businesses work and what they look for. I walked away feeling more confident and with realistic action points to help me achieve my goals and happiness, both inside and outside of the office

Hazel - Music Industry

"Lara is a skilled life coach who has a unique combination of HR and personal development training experience. She helped me figure out my next steps in life and my career during a time when things were less clear. She provided valuable advice and challenged me to structure my thoughts in a way that helped me make decisions. After 3-months of working with Lara, I got resolution to the main objectives I wanted to get out of coaching. I would highly recommend Lara as a coach and mentor. She is open, honest and professional."

Victoria - Business Development & Strategy