Here are some of the most common questions that I get asked about coaching and which might have crossed your mind. If there's anything more you'd like to know then please get in touch. 

+ What exactly is coaching?

At the most fundamental level Coaching is a series of structured and purposeful conversations that will challenge your thinking and behaviours and support you to take action to change and grow in the direction you want.

It involves you working with someone to get clear on what’s going on for you in your life or career up to now, working out what you want to do in the future, making a plan, and then supporting you as you do it.

+ Isn't it a little indulgent to have a life coach?

Some might say so however (as you might predict) I would not. Unfortunately many of us have been led to develop a belief that we “should” be able to sort out every element of our lives for ourselves or that there's a stigma attached to getting support where we need it. I believe this is an unrealistic and unfair expectation. None of us were given a life manual when we were born and from time to time we all need a re-charge or a re-direct. Fortunately people are starting to value and understand the tangible results of quality coaching as it becomes more common. It makes perfect sense after all; if you want to enhance your thinking, behavior, self-esteem and life, why on earth wouldn't you engage someone who can help you achieve this?

+ What's the difference between life and personal coaching and business coaching?

Life and Personal Coaching are the same thing, it's just that some people prefer or are used to using one name over the other. People can come to a life/personal coach for help improving or moving forward on almost any element of life.

Business Coaching is mainly focused around the area of work and the challenges people face at work which are varied and often consuming, particularly for people in positions of responsibility. I offer various Business Coaching programmes through my sister company The People Person

It's fair to say that as life and work are integral influencers on the other, the two often cross over and so it's extremely common to talk about work in a life coaching setting and vice versa.

+ What’s the difference between coaching and therapy or counselling?

Counselling and therapy tend to be past-focussed and healing, often in response to something that has happened, so that you come to terms with it and it no longer gets in your way. They both generally work on the premise that something is broken or wrong and needs to be fixed to get you functioning normally.

Coaching on the other hand is future and action focussed. You want something different than your current reality and want to take action to make that real for you. It's about improvement, action, and moving towards something better than now.

+ Do you tell me what to do?

I do not. As a Coach my job is to ask the right questions and use the right interventions to help you figure out what to do and then to support you in making that happen. I am the expert on and responsible for the coaching process and you are the expert on and responsible for your own life. Whether you know it yet or not, you most likely already have all the resources you need, it's just about accessing them.

+ Can you completely fix my life?

Nope, I can't. You might be able to fix your life (assuming it's even broken) following some quality and focussed coaching but any real and lasting change is determined by your willingness to take appropriate action. Anyone who tells you any different is either lying or deluded.

Additionally there are also always going to be ups and downs in life, that's the nature and beauty of it. At the very least however we'll get a clear picture of what is going on, what is within and outside of your control and equip you to respond to it in a way that works for you and who you want to be.

+ You've mentioned NLP a few times, what is that?

NLP stands for Neuro-Linguistic Programming. It is a modern approach to psychology that looks at how our brains work and think (Neuro), the things we say and the words we use (Linguistic), and how all of that affects what each of us do and the results we get (Programming).

Practitioners of NLP are also trained in a number of specific NLP interventions and techniques which complement other standard coaching models to increase your prospects of getting what you want.

+ So can you read my mind or make me do stuff I don't want to do?

No to both. And even if I could (which, I repeat I cannot) I wouldn't want to.

+ There are so many Life or Business Coaches out there! How do I pick one?

Yes there are and it can be hard to decide. Some people make their decision based on gut instinct, perhaps from the feel of the website or following an initial phone conversation with their prospective coach, for others it will be based on word of mouth referrals and references, others base it on experience and credentials and for some it's as simple as what the person might look like in their photo. All of these make sense and are perfect ways to choose a Coach, Training Partner or Consultant.

+ Where do we meet?

I am based in Camden / Kentish Town, North London and tend to meet face to face clients either there or in Soho. I also see a lot of people over Skype where it's not possible to meet in person. For Personal Coaching, we can either meet in private consultation rooms in Kentish Town or, if that's not convenient, a quiet cafe, bar, or members club somewhere more central.

+ How long do sessions last?

Generally 1 - 1.5 hours though sometimes they may be longer or shorter depending on our diaries and your requirements.

+ How many sessions will I need?

I now work with people for a minimum of 6 sessions as in my experience it generally takes this level of commitment and consistence to make significant and lasting change and get you the outcomes you want

+ What credentials do you have ?

I am a fully qualified NLP Coach, Master Practitioner and Trainer, registered through INLPTA. I have a degree in Business with Languages, a Postgraduate Diploma in Strategic HR Management and am a Chartered Member of the Institute of Personnel and Development. I am also a full member of the Association for Coaching

Furthermore, before launching Essentially Authentic I had a very successful career in Human Resources where I learned how to coach, develop and train people both in my own teams and across the organisation.

+ How much does coaching with you cost?

My rates are in line with top London based Coaches and depend on factors such as whether you are a Corporate client or a Private client and how many sessions you book in advance. When we have our initial free consultation and I know more about exactly what you need I will provide you full details.

+ Is it confidential?

Yes. Our relationship needs to be built on a foundation of total trust for you to get what you want.

+ Do you have supervision?

Supervision is important for anyone working as a Coach, it keeps you and I safe and ensures you are getting a quality level of coaching from me. I have a Supervisor with whom I share at a very top level, the nature of the client topics I am working with however my clients are not named or discussed in any way that would identify them.