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Essentially Authentic is a results-driven holistic Coaching and Personal Development consultancy. We're here for people who want to shine brighter and get the most out of their life, their work, and those they employ. We're here for people who want to be real and true to what they're about. And we're here for people who recognise that all of this is in their hands and are up for doing something about it.  

One-to-one coaching for executives, managers and founders/freelancers, to improve business and personal growth, provide practical and honest support, and enable you to be the kind of leader you'd want to follow.

Working with people like you on the whole range of life's "stuff"; from getting through rocky patches to bringing dreams alive. Overcome difficulties and create opportunities to live with authenticity, joy and purpose.

Develop, inspire and support your people through workshops and training programmes designed to suit your company, its culture, and the real world, so that they add genuine value and growth where it matters.