Introducing The People Person

Let me tell you the story behind how my new company The People Person came to be as I've been asked a lot about this recently.

The People Person

I launched Essentially Authentic in March 2017 to help people to get more out of their lives, to learn about themselves at the highest levels and to live on their terms. I offered some business coaching and training at the same time but it was a bit fuzzy and more people connected with the life coaching than my business services.

However, over that first year or so I've been working with some brilliant people who've been brave enough to explore their dreams and take real steps to make them happen. For some people the change happened pretty instantly, for others it was more gradual and a slower burn. 

Work and life, especially in the UK, are connected and so unsurprisingly work kept coming up as a theme for nearly all of my clients.  While there's ABSOLUTELY more to life than just work, it's fair to say that the kind of work we do and how we perform in our "jobs" (whether that's a traditional job working for someone else, or setting up your own business, or holding down an artistic profession) impacts the quality of our life for so many of us.

I also found that as my clients were starting to connect to their "why" and then make the changes and take bolder bigger steps in their careers or businesses, they then needed more tangible "how" support to get to the next level. Whether that was how to start their own business, manage people, be more effective with their time, how to manage stress and wellbeing in their work or how to be leaders in their field.  I had the skills from my days in HR and in business and I wanted to share them. I also have developed an amazing network of other experts who can support in the areas that I couldn't.

Furthermore, I've always enjoyed delivering group teaching and trainings and I recognise the need for businesses to start to relate differently to people. I get so frustrated when I hear of toxic cultures, rubbish managers and employees who've been put into jobs without the support to make it succeed. I want to change all of that, whether it's me directly or by connecting the right people to fix the right problems. 

So, I decided to expand my offering and while I toyed with the idea of throwing everything into one bucket (and I did for a while), it didn't feel right for some reason so I set up The People Person so that it could focus on helping people with the skills and behaviours to support them at work, while Essentially Authentic continues to operate more holistically supporting life purpose and meaning kind of stuff.  Put really simply; The People Person = The How, Essentially Authentic = The Why. 

Truthfully it's still a little blurry and that's great. It's not black and white and it's evolving. That's also great. It means that I'm still learning things too and that's definitely great. 

Ultimately what I offer though, under whatever name or business it's called, is all about people. People being happy and successful. People reaching their potential and having no major regrets. People living the life they want and deserve.  That's the common thread, that's my purpose, my reason for doing what I do and that's my Why.

Now, do you know what yours is yet?  ...