International Womens Day AND Essentially Authentic Turns One

Happy International Women’s Day! 💜


2018 .... What a year for women it’s been. The good, the bad, and a whole lot in between.  And in amongst it all, today if not every day may we all celebrate and bring out more of that fearless and fun little girl still inside of us. Remember her?! The one leaping boldly into puddles, free of self-imposed limiting bullshit and totally living the moment without fear or inhibition. YES! 

Today also marks one year since Essentially Authentic was formally launched and in that time I’ve had the absolute delight to work with some of the most incredible, strong and inspiring women as they go out and make stuff happen. Extra good vibes all round.   

So from bold spirited little girls to strong spirited superheroes, I leave you with these words which couldn't be more fitting.


Keep jumping, keep playing, keep fighting. Big Big love to all the superheroes. x