Hi! I'm Lara the founder of Essentially Authentic.

Hi! I'm Lara the founder of Essentially Authentic.

where it started

I believe life's too short to waste and too long to be miserable. If you believe the same I'm sure we'll get on.

Originally from Dublin, Ireland, I learned my craft in the corporate world where I advised, trained and coached people in the workplace up to Board level and developed and led my own teams too. As well as that I began to explore more holistic and spiritual forms of development including yoga, wellbeing and meditation and found that it made a more significant positive impact on my wellbeing than I ever expected it to.

I trained in NLP, worked deeply with my own coaches and invested significantly into my own personal development so that I could ultimately create a lifestyle and business which matched my skills and experience with my core values and passions. That's when Essentially Authentic was born.



Those who've worked with me will tell you that my style's relaxed, informal, open and warm and at the same time grounded, challenging, honest and completely focussed on you and helping you achieve your outcome. Unlike many coaches, I work holistically across all elements of work and life and I genuinely care about you and that you get results, feel supported and enjoy the process. 

Don't just take it from me, hear from previous clients in their words by clicking here.



In addition to 15 years of experience and many happy clients, I'm a fully qualified NLP Coach,  Master Practitioner and Trainer as well as being a Mental Health First Aider. I have an honours degree in Business with Languages, a PgD in Strategic Human Resources Management and am a full member of INLPTA, the Association for Coaching, and a Chartered Member of the Institute of Personnel and Development.  

If you would like to know more about my credentials and experience you can check out my CV on linkedin.



A real free spirit, adventuring and travelling is a big part of my life as is music, yoga, photography, diving, and generally learning and trying out new things. A qualified yoga teacher and reiki healer, spiritual growth and wellbeing are massively important to me and I enjoy keeping up to date with the newest developments in this area.

Spending time out with friends and family warms my heart as does a cosy weekend at home - everything in balance.

Finally, though it's always work in progress with so much still to learn, after figuring a lot of stuff out the hard way (so you don't have to) I am one of those people who can say they love the life they lead.