Do you want more out of your life? 

Having a bit of a rough patch, don't need therapy but could use someone to help you through to the other side? 

Are you stuck? You want to get clarity and build your confidence to make change happen? 

Would you like to improve your wellbeing and connect to your purposeful energy? 

Do you feel like you’re living someone else’s life and just want to be real, authentic, and true to what you're actually all about? 

And do you know that all of this is in your hands to change and are up for doing something about it?


Improve relationships, overcome difficulties and create opportunities to live with authenticity, joy and purpose.
Working through the full range of life's "stuff"; from getting through rocky patches to bringing your dreams alive.
Fluffy and soft? Not at all.
Balancing holistic, alternative and spiritual with practicalities of the real world? Absolutely.

People deserve to be happy and successful doing what they love.
Current, bright and real world business and work coaching, training and consultancy for growing and exciting companies and ambitious, kind-hearted and rebellious professionals through my other company The People Person so that you are covered for work and life.

Based in Camden, North London and seeing clients nationwide by Skype or in Person, Lara Cullen has over 15 years of personal development experience working with top brands and private individuals to help them move forward and reach their potential. Get in touch for a free initial phone consultation to find out how we can work together and move you forward to wherever it is you want to be.